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Biology, organic phenomena and Technology (BNT)

Procedure-associated expertise reset 2.1 Earning Awareness 2.1 earning know-how phenomena observe and describe subjective perceptions describe and goal measurements differ very simple Sizes increasingly observations of records distinguish purely natural phenomena and techie challenges questions formulate, identify presumptions and experimentally authenticate experiments below the direction evaluate, plan and implement a real model important use shape qualities of organisms criterion referenced describe and compare simple dedication supports properly utilize simple techniques to fixing a technological or practical difficulty produce 2.2 communication 2.2 interaction while using scientific and technical are employed in a organization take responsibility for function processes, work together persevering though plans and projects explore important her strategy their s findings plus the outcomes of their job document for illustrating results and data suitable tables and charts to develop connectors in between daily circumstances and technical and scientific concerns to set-up specifics right create an account showing pertinent info of fact or every day texts and graphic representations in an proper technological terminology organised play increasingly amongst day-to-day terminology and technical language explanation differentiate uncomplicated sketches and drawings create and read 2.3 examination 2.3 analysis research information for solving everyday issues is practical make use of the assertions of wildlife to their own habitat with write an essay the real estate problems like a home or farm pets or animals compare determined good examples and critically consider training courses of action on an ecologically identify and normal existence bearable and implementation limitations identify scientific – It and specialized know-how to assess safety and risks precautions to make use of economically and ecologically dependable way with energy and materials bypass their actions and also the outcomes in line with predefined key elements reflect and evaluate 2.4 Groundwork 2.4 Planning of straightforward preparing records carry out equipment and easy units safely and professionally by using simple technical things closing program very simple practical qualities and working complications in the production of something conquer guiding viewpoints – – GNI (facts) – risks and importance of environmentally friendly creation (particulars) – complexity and dynamics of eco friendly creation (aspects) – values?? And standards in making decisions (particulars) – criteria for sustainability-accommodating and-inhibiting steps (facts) -involvement and participation, participation (information) – democracy capabilities (aspects) – Friedensstrateg ien (facts) – learning for endurance and acceptance of range (facts) – social and Personal variety (information) – Importance-dependent management (details) – solidarity, inclusion and tolerance non-discrimination (details) – personal-development and recognition of other everyday life kinds (information) – styles ofstereotypes and prejudice, cliches (particulars) – trouble quality and reconciliation of interests ( information) – protection of minorities (facts) – intercultural styles and interreligious dialogue (specifics) – prevention and health advertising (aspects) – perception and sensation (details) – personal-legislation and discovering (aspects) – relaxation and exercise (information) – body and hygiene (specifics) – diet program (details) – addiction and dependency (details) – bullying and violence (specifics) – safety and accident elimination (details) – BO (particulars) – Topic-unique and activity-focused s access to function and skilled daily life (Facts) – information regarding study, career, occupations and education walkways (information) – assessment and verification possess capabilities and prospective (Aspects) – Sex facets in selecting a family, life and career preparation (aspects) – competency assessment, skills assessment and decision instruction (information) – design and planning of your switch to career, training and studies (aspects) – multimedia Training (facts) – mass media organization (particulars) – media channels research (details) – knowledge and information (details) – communication and cooperation (aspects) – presentation and production (details) – safety of Minors (aspects) – Informational self-perseverance Detect (aspects) – information technology fundamentals (particulars) – purchaser Schooling (details) – use their particular assets (information) – risks and opportunities of everyday life (Deta ils) – needs and dreams (facts) – Finance and Investments (details) – Client Protection under the law (particulars) – high quality of customer things (Facts) – on a daily basis use (details) – multimedia as influencing variables (details) – client Schooling (specifics)

3.1.8 Crops 3.1.1 working and thinking types of the natural sciences and engineering distinct products 3.1.2 – defending the community 3.1.3 H2o – a necessary chemical 3.1.4 strength successfully 3.1.5 vertebrates 3.1.6 Continuing development of Male 3.1. 7 invertebrates 3.1.8 crops 3.1.9 Ecosystem 3.1.10 A product manufactured 3.1.11 create a going item.

3.1.8 flowers.

The scholars explain plants and flowers as living organisms with the common internal organs. They understand the variety of forms and diversity. You could structural and functional differences and similarities characterize various plant and plants households. They explain and describe the improvement and other types of reproduction.

The pupils can.

The common body organs of any blooming grow describe and called their work.

The standard bodily organs of an blooming grow called and describe their functionality.

The usual internal organs of an flowering place called and describe their functionality.

Germination tests plan, implement and evaluate.

Germination experiments plan, evaluate and implement.

Germination experiments plan, implement and evaluate.

(Z. B. Set image) setting up plants investigate

(Z. B. Put graphic) constructing fresh flowers look into

(Z. B. Placed picture) creating fresh flowers explore

As a result of blossoms creating reps of two shrub households from the lifestyle ecosystem ascertain (z. B. Build Herbarium)

Confirmed according to the blossom engineering agents of a couple of herb loved ones off their existing setting and establishes an (z. B. Produce Herbarium)

Identified according to the plant engineering associates of 4 place loved ones from the living surroundings and establishes an (z. B. Generate Herbarium)

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